✴︎ The beginning of THE full-scale invasion resistance



Who we are?

We have established the Humanitarian Fund on 24/02 to help Ukraine and its people who are suffering from Putin’s criminal war. The fund was initiated by Russian citizens who see and feel the pain brought to Ukraine by criminal Russism.

We believe in the human values of civilized society, such as democracy, humanism, freedom of speech, and freedom of consciousness—which we consider liberal values.

Above all, we want to emphasize the freedom of consciousness. As Russians, we cannot remain indifferent to the actions of the current Russian government, even if we live outside the country and are against Putin’s regime.

We are the state.

Wanna make History?

Aims of the Humanitarian Fund 24/02

  • Support for the civilian population and social infrastructure affected by Putin’s criminal war.
  • To unite Russians who are against the Putin regime and advocate for justice.
  • Assistance to Russian volunteers and their families who have chosen to follow the small voice of their soul, seeking justice and law, these volunteers are actively fighting against Putin’s regime alongside Ukrainian forces.

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Our principles

  • Openness. Honesty. Clarity.
  • Support is provided to those in need by those who want.
  • We collaborate with free Russians who do not endorse the Kremlin’s actions.
  • We operate in accordance with the law, presenting only verified facts.
  • Our sources include government entities, official representatives, international organizations, and humanitarian funds.
  • We engage with individuals who share our values and principles.
  • Our commitment is to support those who are in need.

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Free Russia

Free Russia without Putin represents a lawful state, and we, as Russians, are full-fledged members of the global society.

We do not align with our government, and we recognize the need to take responsibility for the wrongful actions of our government toward civilized society.